Blast Freezer For Fish Seafood Beef Chicken

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Blast freezer (-35℃ to -30 ℃), also known as quick-freezing cold room, the freezing of meat, seafood and other foods can be realized in a short time by means of air coolers or special freezing devices.

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Composite cold storage room: there are three parts of the cold room: refrigeration and electrical controlling system, insulation panels and insulation door. The insulation panels can be shipped piece by piece to save shipping space greatly.

The refrigeration units works intermittently, (it works as an air conditioner), which will help to save a lot of electricity.

Automatic operation controlling: the temperature can be controlled automatically and it can defrost automatically, very simple to operate it and look after it.

Less fault: the cold room is working with simple refrigeration system, it will have very few fault.

Cold Room Parameter

Dimension Length (m) *Width (m)*Height (m). customized
Fireproof Polyurethane insulation panel,40kg/m3, Fire Prevention B2 Engineering Grade
Thickness of panel 150mm,200mm optional
Steel cover of cold room Stainless steel plates,color steel plates and embossed aluminum plates
Panel Connection Cam lock type, use hexagonal key to assemble and disassemble
Refrigeration Units Bitzer      
Refrigeration type R404a or R22
Fittings of cold room All necessary fittings are included, optional
Voltage of cold room 220V/50HZ, 220V/60HZ, 380V/50HZ optional

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Composition of Cold Storage

Cold room panel
We use fluoride-free material, it is more environment-friendly. Our cold room panels can reach fireproof level B2.
Polyurethane panel is foamed by high pressure with density of 38-42 kg/m3. So the thermal insulation will be good.

Cold room door
We have different types of cold room door, such as hinged door, sliding door, free door and other types of doors according to your

Condensing unit
We use the world famous compressor like German Bitzer, American Emerson, etc.
It is easy to operate the automatic high-precision digital controller with high efficiency.

Evaporator /Air Cooler
1.It has the characteristics of reasonable structure, high heat exchange efficiency and electric saving.
2.Use stainless steel tubular electric heat pipe with strong insulation, which has reasonable distribution and short defrost time.

Refrigeration fittings
(1)Temperature controller
(2)Valve Parts
Famous brand: Danfoss
(3)Copper pipe and connection
(4)Thermal insulation pipe, wire, PVC pipe, PVC door curtain for sliding door, LED light, switch, electrode, insulating tape,belting, etc.

Company Advantages

Innovative technology to promote the wisdom of cold storage upgrade, so that every merchant can enjoy the good life and unique experience brought by smart cold storage mission.

New Zealand International Building Materials Exhibition /The Philippine World Building Material Exhibition /Vietnam International Building Materials Exhibition.

National AAA grade quality and reputation service demonstration unit National level equipment installation and maintenance unit and a series of honorary titles.

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