Cold storage unit (fully enclosed integrated machine)

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The fully enclosed box condensing unit with electric control is an upgraded product, which can be used for refrigeration equipment from 5 to 15℃, -5 to 5℃ and -15 to -25℃ respectively, and is widely used in hotels, restaurants, food, health, medicine, agriculture and other industries.

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● The unit's electrical appliances are added on the basis of the original XJQ products, including the main unit of the unit, the main control board, the library temperature control board and the operation panel. The user can choose only according to the specific application. The main control panel of the unit or both the main control board and the library temperature control board and operation panel;

● If only the main control board is provided, the compressor can be used for supermarkets, milk tanks, chillers, etc. according to the low-voltage control of the system; if it is fully equipped, it uses a temperature- controlled compressor with a library temperature andDefrost control function, can be directly used in cold storage, no need for additional distributors and controllers;

● It has various protections such as phase sequence, phase loss, over current, frequent start of compressor, exhaust temperature, high and low voltage of system;

● With fan speed control, the speed of the condenser fan can be changed according to the change of the condensing temperature;

● With the operation parameter query function of the unit, it can check the operating parameters such as compressor working current, exhaust temperature and condensing temperature; 

● It has the unit operation fault alarm and inquiry function. When the unit is faulty, it will sound an alarm through the buzzer to remind the user in time;

● The operation panel for the library temperature control board has the functions of temperature display, setting, defrosting control, running parameter query, library temperature alarm, etc. It can be installed separately from the unit and can be installed in the place where the user can conveniently
operate and monitor.

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