DD DJ DL Series Air Cooler Evaporator Unit For Cold Room

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Cold storage chiller is a kind of cold storage evaporator (chiller for industry common name), the role of cold storage chiller is to come to do cold storage thermal expansion valve of low temperature and low pressure saturated refrigerant through the chiller and the cooling medium heat exchange will be saturated refrigeration gasification and take away the heat in the cold storage heat exchange equipment.

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The cold storage chiller is mainly composed of 5 important parts, such as cooling heat exchanger, axial flow fan, liquid separator, frost tolerant device and water receiving plate. The high pressure room temperature liquid refrigerant from the cold storage condenser is throttled by the thermal expansion valve and then directly enters the liquid separator of the cold storage chiller for uniform liquid separation and then sent to the heat exchange row tube for gasification and heat absorption. The axial flow fan of the cold storage chiller is responsible for the forced convection circulation of the cold storage chiller and the air inside the cold storage to achieve the purpose of cold storage refrigeration.

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As the temperature of the cold storage evaporator exterior is lower than 0 ℃, with the increase in refrigeration time cold storage chiller exterior surface will appear frost layer, after the production of these frost layer will not only seriously affect the heat transfer coefficient of cold storage chiller will also lead to cold storage chiller circulation air volume is greatly reduced. This will seriously affect the heat exchange of cold storage chillers, is a serious decline in the operation of cold storage equipment performance. In order to ensure that the cold storage chiller has a good heat transfer performance, it is necessary to melt the cold storage chiller work. At present, the most common way of melting frost for cold storage chillers is electric frost melting. Electric frost melting has many advantages such as thorough frost melting, automatic control, etc. by many small cold storage, pharmaceutical cold storage, vegetable cold storage project.

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