Waterproof Energy-saving Refrigeration Cold Room Led Light

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Outstanding Quality: Upgrade  refrigerator light board design exceeds OEM, higher quality material workmanship, high quality,Energy saving, brighter, longer service life, so that you no longer worry about the problem of refrigerator strobe, extinguishing, short circuit.

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The refrigerator has two LED lights, One is located in the back panel cooler side, the other one is located in the freezer side. Make sure to DISCONNECT the refrigerator before replacing the refrigerator light to avoid burning the new led refrigerator light .

Used in countless home appliances, led refrigerator bulb works well in both kitchens and bathrooms. Since they are made especially for refrigerators, these bulbs are waterproof, and thanks to its small size, it is especially suited for fridges, freezers, range hoods, and bedside lamps, ceiling fan lights, chandeliers, desk lamps, floor lamps, home lighting, etc.

If for whatever reason, you decide you are not satisfied, you can request a replacement or a full refund, no questions! Please feel free to contact with us if you are not sure this kit fits your model ,please feel free to email us or comment in Q&A.

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Perfect Appliance Light Bulb

 UL Listed. IP54 waterproof, No heat, No flicker, No blue light, No warm up time. Plenty of light and turns on instantly to full brightness with no time delay. -20℃ to 45℃ working temperature range. Perfect for refrigerator, freezer, range hood application.

After inputting a certain range of power supply voltage, the high-frequency generator generates a high-frequency constant voltage and sends it to the power coupler. The power coupler establishes a strong electrostatic magnetic field in the discharge space of the glass bulb, ionizes the atmosphere in the discharge space, and produces Strong ultraviolet light, the three primary color phosphors on the inner wall of the glass bulb are excited by the strong ultraviolet light to emit light.

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